Newcastle vs Anzhi in Europa League – My betting prediction

Newcastle will host Anzhi Makhachkala in a second round match of Europa League. In the first meeting as a guest Newcastle managed to play more than decently and to withhold the pressure of the hosts and get to a scoreless draw.

Moreover, with the game Newcastle played they showed they could be а match with Eto’o and company. However, the question is whether they are capable to do it at home.

According to the betting houses Newcastle is the favourite in the match. A victory for them is estimated at 2.45, while an away win is estimated at 3.2 odds. A possible draw would bring odds of 3.3.

I have to say this is a bit of a surprise for me. The only reason I see Newcastle to be placed in the role of a favourite against Anzhi is the fact that the Russian championship has not started yet. This must mean that the Russian players won’t be in their maximum shape for this meeting.

On the other hand it should be mentioned that the entire training program for Anzhi in the last few months was made so to achieve the maximum form just for this game.

It should be also mentioned that Newcastle’s players should feel the fatigue that comes in the end of the season.

I can’t find the reason Newcastle to be a favourite and I think the odds in this game are reversed. That’s why I’m going to bet for a win for the guests in this match, but I am going to ensure myself with a handicap. The proposal of 1.85 for a win for Anzhi with a margin of 0;+0.5 seems to me good enough.

This bet means that with an eventual victory for Anzhi I will win my bet multiplied by the odds of 1.85. If the game ends in a draw, only half of my bet will be profitable. Of course, if the victory goes to Newcastle I’m going to lose my entire bet.

Anyway, I will keep my fingers crossed this not happen and Anzhi to go through. It will be even better if this happens with some nice goals from Eto’o.